Is your website GDPR compliant?

Cookiedoo is a CPM (Consent Management Platform) that helps you manage cookies and trackers on your website with the easiest way possible out there!

What does it do?

Cookiedoo helps you manage easily cookies and trackers on your website

Take control of cookies and trackers

Cookiedoo’s robust scanner scans your website monthly to find out which tracking technologies you’re employing. The cookies and trackers are automatically categorized and blocked unless the users provide permission.

Reliable consent collection

Use one of our pre-made designs to get started gathering consent on your website right now, or simply ask for your own customer banner. Be open and honest with your users about their data collection process.

Safely storing and keeping track of consent

With our cookie reporting and consent dashboard, you can maintain privacy compliance on your website and feel at ease. Consent records can be stored for auditing reasons and data subject access requests.

What do I earn?

Achieve compliance and reduce your legal risk

Keeping up with the newest legislative developments might be difficult in today’s changing data privacy regulation world. CookieDoo CMP assists you in navigating the legal complexity of the markets in where your business operates. It automates your website’s privacy compliance using the newest technology stack.

Advanced scanning technology instantly identifies cookies and trackers.

International customization of languages and legislation.

Gather legitimate consent by displaying clear and accurate messages.

CookieDoo CMP

Trustworthy user experience

Gain peace of mind

Manage your website consents seamlessly

Easy-to-use admin interface for quick adjustments and detailed consent insights.


Hours of experience


Recent growth

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Here are some frequently asked questions

Don’t shy away from using this helpful block to guide your website users to useful pages.

What are cookies?

Cookies are the most widely used tool for monitoring website visits. They are also used to gather and distribute data for other uses, such as storing information about shopping cart contents or login credentials, putting targeted advertisements on your website, or giving users performance statistics for your website. There are four types of uses for cookies: marketing, preference, statistics, and essential. The only cookies that are excluded from data privacy regulation requirements are those that are absolutely required for your website to operate. The other cookies are controlled and necessitate either opt-in (also known as prior consent) or opt-out choices, dependent on the global location of your end users and the legal protections that apply to them.

What is cookie consent?

Cookie consent is required by several data privacy laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. Cookie consent informs users about the use of cookies and trackers on a website and gives them the option of accepting or declining cookies. Before cookies may gather data from users, they must first grant their consent. The cookie consent notification is typically displayed as a banner or pop-up message with which the user can accept or deny the use of cookies.

What makes a cookie consent solution necessary?

A cookie consent solution guarantees adherence to data privacy laws such as the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in the US and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the EU. Additionally, it makes sure that consumers are informed in a clear and understandable manner about the kinds of data that will be gathered, how they will be used, and with whom they will be shared. This promotes openness about data collecting and processing and aids in fostering user trust. You can prove that website users have given their approval in the event of a data processing audit and regulatory compliance by using a cookie consent management system.

Is it easy to implement the CookieDoo CMP to my website?

CookieDoo CMP is meant to be simple enough for the typical user to use without requiring a great deal of technical knowledge. After having created an account, there are three easy steps to install it on your website.

Through the Administration Panel you can customize the color of the bot in a way that it will fit your website design. With your first purchase a free installation and a user guide is included.

What kind of information is collected?

Every time a visitor clicks “consent” from your website, CookieDoo CMP collects the following encrypted and anonymous data:

  • user’s IP number in anonymized form
  • user agent of the user’s browser
  • date and time of the consent
  • URL from which the consent was submitted
  • an random and encrypted key
  • user’s consent state, serving as proof of consent

The key is used for proof of consent and is an option to verify the consent state stored in the user’s browser.

Can users cancel their consent to cookies?

End users may simply withdraw their consent, which is a fundamental GDPR cookie consent requirement in the EU, by using a cookie consent solution like CookieDoo CMP.

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